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Welcome to Instapaper!

Instapaper Blog · May 7, 2014

Instapaper is the best way to save and read web content. There are a number of convenient ways to save articles to Instapaper. Let’s walkthrough your options.

Saving from your desktop

Using your Browser

The most convenient way to save articles to Instapaper is with our Chrome extension, Safari extension, Firefox extension, or bookmarklet. When you’re visiting a webpage, you can save it with one click.

Email Articles

You can send links to articles, videos, and even long emails directly to Instapaper via email. To get started, add your unique Instapaper email address to your contacts.


Head over to Instapaper’s Browse section to find articles chosen by our editors & algorithms, and shared by your friends.

Saving from iOS

If you download the Instapaper iPhone or iPad app, you can save directly from your mobile device via the system share sheet!


Connect Third Party Apps

Save directly to Instapaper from hundreds of iPhone and iPad apps.

Safari Bookmarklet

Install the Instapaper bookmarklet in Safari to save while you browse. After installing the bookmarklet, you can save to Instapaper by selecting the bookmarklet from your bookmarks menu.

Saving from Android

Once you install the Instapaper Android app, saving is as easy as pressing the “Share” option from your browser or favorite apps and choosing the Instapaper option.

Some great Instapaper features